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How to make LINK Journal

This page follows the recipe(s) to make a LINK Journal in your own home (or perhaps at your local library or printer), in order to transmit the information and documentation of both our experiments and what we hope to see future readers engage in; a tactile experience wherein you are able to personalise your own LINK, filled with learnings and mistakes just as we did; engaging in the act of creating LINK Journal with us. Alternatively, for more information about how to purchase a physical copy that we have printed, email us at [email protected]. We want to welcome our readers to improve, reproduce, distribute with your own translations and interpretations.




Option 1:

Home Printer

Option 2:

Local Library

Option 3:

Get Experimental

Option 4:

Professional Printing





Option 1: Home Printer

Manually print signatures at home to create a custom saddle-stitched LINK Journal.

Time: High

Cost: Low

Materials List:


  1. Download the PDF from the link above
  2. Print a booklet for each signature. If you are using a single-sided only printer, you will need to manually flip the pages to print. Below is the documentation of Julia and Veronica's separate tests - Julia has created signatures of 20 pages and 10 sheets of paper, Veronica has created signatures of 16 pages and 4 sheets of paper.
  3. Fold each into smaller booklets and stack on top of each other in the correct order