title: Communication
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last_update: 2021-07-02


As the project started gaining complexity and tasks were multiplying, we started to schedule weekly catchup calls to evaluate what has been done, what still needs work and what's coming next. In these calls we would update our tasks lists together and use our individual calendars rather than a shared one, as we didn't feel the need for it.

We use Skype for our meetings because it is free and without time limit. However, when it comes to the many conversations we've had with our potential contributors and contributors, most of the time we adapted to other suggested formats that we were familiar with, such as Jitsi, Google Meet, and Signal.


Following the structure we created, we have a folder and Notion page for websites versions, Instagram posts and stories, open call applications and more. We've created a presskit from early on, but did not find the use at the time, giving it time to sit and evolve before using it.